Friday, 12 October 2012

You should hear it - A Naifa

Have you heard A Naifa?

A Naifa is a Portuguese Fado group formed in Lisbon by João Aguardela. Unfortunately he has died recently and it was a great loss for the portuguese music scene. Other members include Luís Varatojo, Maria Antónia Mendes and Samuel Palitos.

A Naifa
The main thing that distinguishes A Naifa from other portugues fado acts like Mariza, is the use of various instruments and effects not present in traditional Fado music. One might say that A Naifa is the evolution, a more pop approach to Fado. But that is an enormous and dangerous statement to make.

Their discography is very small but is very interesting, you should hear "3 minutos antes da maré encher" and "Uma ligeira inclinação para o mal".

If you want to know more, check out their official website HERE.

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  1. The various instruments they use really does set them apart from other other fado acts, I love them


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