Monday, 29 October 2012

King Crimson - Red

Have you heard King Crimson - Red?

Today, it's time for the riffs! And what better way to show the power of a riff in a song than with King Crimson and it's mighty Robert Fripp. This is Red, from the album with the same name:

One can't begin to describe the works of Robert Fripp and his King Crimson. It's too vast to compile, it's too broad to describe and define. But there is one album that is considered to be their best, apart from In the court of the Crimson King and it's Red, their last album.


Apart from the constant change of members, only Fripp being the sole constant one, they've managed to produce and album worth listening to for all prog and non-prof fans.

The riff in this song is absolutely amazing, the song has lots of dissonance, perfect!

Listen to all of the album if you can. I'll be posting more of them soon enough.

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