Friday, 28 September 2012

Classics - Erik Satie

Hello readers! 

Today I bring you another classic that you've already heard but probably didn't know the origin. This time I bring you a post full of melancholy. Why? Listen to this:

Erik Satie
I'm pretty sure you can recognize the main melody of this composition. It was composed by Erik Satie and it's called Gymnopédie 1.  He was born in May 17, 1866 in France and died in July 01, 1925. His main composition styles were based around impressionism, modern classical, and western classical music.
The original Gymnopédies are all written in 3/4 time and are considered to be percursors to modern ambient minimalistic music.

I highly suggest you listen, even if you are not fond of classical music. I also recommend you listen to the interpretation of some of his themes by Aldo Ciccolini, which are present in Erik Satie - Aldo Ciccolini.

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