Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Memory Tapes - Bicycle

Memory Tapes is a recording alias of New Jersey-based Dayve Hawk, ex- frontman of Philadelphia-based Hail Social.
Memory Tapes
Memory Tapes (Photo credit: BrokenAngels)
Memory Tapes' first LP, Seek Magic was launched in September 2009, through labels Sincerely Yours, Acéphale and Some thing in Construction.
The CD release of "Seek Magic" came bundled having a 22-minute instrumental, "Treeship", which may be downloaded from his website without cost.
Hawk has also remixed many big name artists including a remix of a Michael Jackson song which was rejected by Jackson's label. Memory Tapes is often linked to the Chillwave music genre.
Hawk in addition has released tracks and EPs under the names Memory Cassette and Weird Tapes.
He is known of becoming a recluse and is hesitant of touring, due to an anxiety about airplanes.


I'm in love with you, little sister
We ride home in the night
While under our feet, the rain paints the street with the stars
Passing cars with light trails behind them
We could follow them on
Giving this town is wearing me down
Lets take off
No one would know that we've gone

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